Strawberry Raindrop Cake

This strawberry version of the original raindrop cake makes a fun and light dessert.


  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1/8 tsp + 1/16 tsp agar powder (see note)
  • 2 firm & ripe strawberries washed clean, (see note)


  • 1/2- 1 tbsp roasted soybean flour
  • 1-2 tbsp black sugar syrup


  1. In a small saucepan, add agar powder and water and stir with a spatula a few times, until the agar powder dissolves into the water.
  2. Turn your stove top to medium heat and bring the agar water mixture to a low boil. Maintaining a medium heat level, allow mixture to boil (without a lid) for one minute, then turn off heat. Try to be as accurate with the timing as possible. If you don't heat long enough, your agar won't be fully dissolved. If you cook too long, your mixture will condense down too much. Use a spatula to stir the mixture a few times.
  3. Wait a few minutes until liquid has cooled down slightly. Make sure you don't wait until it is fully cooled, otherwise it will already start to solidify. You just want it cool enough that the liquid won't cook your strawberries. Carefully place a strawberry into the center of each mold. Pour mixture into molds, covering the strawberries. You should have enough liquid to fill two cavities with a little liquid left over if you are using the silicone molds I used.
  4. Place molds into the fridge to set. I recommend letting them set overnight, or at least 10 hours. When finished, the raindrop cakes should be solid and come out in one piece, but they should feel delicate and barely set. They should easily slide out once you loosen the edges. The cakes are quite delicate, so be careful when lifting them onto your plates. Do not take the cakes out of the fridge until you are ready to serve because they will start to melt after 20-30 minutes. Add your cakes to a plate. Add some soybean flour to your plate and drizzle black sugar syrup on top of the cake or on the side.


  • Be sure you use pure agar powder.
  • You want to use ripe strawberries, but ones that are still very firm. if you choose strawberries that are overripe, they will break down inside your raindrop.